windows 8 presstalk

// February 15th, 2010 // Windows 8

If you had been impressed of how user-friendly and comprehensive Windows 7 is, wait until you have installed Windows 8 in your personal computer! It is the newest operating system from Microsoft and since they have just actually launched the Windows 7 in 2009, you might start wondering what was wrong with the 7th version? Nothing was wrong, it is just that the company is trying to figure out the most convenient and comprehensive operating system to match the fast paced technology, as well as the demands of its users.

Still, there are so many speculations going around the informational technology world. Rumors have it that a new operating system is also in the making, while some are looking forward to another. What is clear is that Microsoft is unveiling Windows 8 soon and the Mobile Windows 7 today, February 15th 2010.

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