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// April 15th, 2010 // Web Applications


In certain environments, after an upgrade to KnowledgeTree 3.6.x, an issue with permissions on the “var” directory and sub directories results in the following exception error:
<ErrorReport Project=”BaobabClient”> <UserReport Short=”Exception found [mkdir() [<a href=’function.mkdir’>function.mkdir</a>]: Permission denied].”>

This also applies to a problem while uploading a document when the message “Initializing, please wait …” appears at the “Metadata Capture” screen and  the permission denied message when connecting Dropbox to your KT url.

To resolve this issue, check the following:

1. The user running the apache server should have correct permissions on the following folder and sub folders: <KnowledgeTree Directory>\var

2. Navigate to DMS Administration > System Configuration > General Settings > Urls > Var Directory and check that the path to the var directory is pointing correctly at your <KnowledgeTree Directory>/var folder

The above steps should resolve this issue on Windows and most Linux installs. For Linux users still encountering a problem, continue to Step 3.

3. Check that the following directory exists: <KnowledgeTree Directory>/var/proxies/nobody

If not, run the following commands from the terminal in order to create and set permissions for this directory:
mkdir <Path to KnowledgeTree directory>/var/proxies/nobody
chown nobody <Path to KnowledgeTree directory>/var/proxies/nobody

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